(another Voxatron game from me)

I'm still getting to grips with Voxatron, but I had fun making this game. It's a simple score attack thing where you pilot this little blob around the screen, dodging the big lasers. Score points by scooting through the lasers while they charge, before they fire. But you're better safe than sorry if you're not sure you can make it!

Voxatron is funny because it feels Big compared to PICO-8, and also limited in an interestingly different way. I keep wanting to use the 'whole screen' in fullscreen but I can't, because I only have the voxel screen. I need to work on adjusting the camera better. Anyway nothing too exciting here but it's another game!


(in menu)
Z: start game

(in game)
Arrows: move

(in 'game over' screen)
Z+X together: back to title

Lexaloffle thread: here

#onegameamonth February 2019

Install instructions

It seems like you can only export Voxatron games as carts (PNG files) for now - you can safely download and run this game if you own Voxatron, either through SPLORE (id: ix_dodger) or by grabbing the PNG file here. I also provided a HTML page with just the embed code in it, which should work if you're connected to the internet. Alternatively, you should be able to play it via HTML in the browser at


dodger.vx.png 104 kB

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